School governor code of conduct

School governors are expected to uphold a strict code of conduct and adhere to legislative and legal requirements pertaining to health and safety, school examination results and vocational training. Governors are increasingly taking a keen interest in the nutritional values of pupils as well as the general levels of physical fitness.

School governors receive extensive tuition on their expected roles. They also learn from their normal day job as to the expected standard of service in schools. 

School governors are trained to ensure that good relationships between all members of the school community are maintained. This makes the individual feel safe and secure. It is in this atmosphere that students succeed. School governors aim to make all students feel safe and secure by:

  • A strong partnership with our primary schools
    Students and their parents are often apprehensive about the move to secondary Being a student in Leeds school. We ensure a smooth transfer by shared visits and induction programmes.
  • A strong sense of community
    Students are placed in tutor groups on arrival with a carefully chosen Form Tutor. Tutor groups are kept deliberately small giving confidence, friendship and individual attention to each student.
  • Keeping in touch with home
    Parents are encouraged to form close links with staff and celebrate with us their child’s achievement and progress. Our parents appreciate the fact that we keep them so well informed and that they are always welcome in school.
  • Discipline in Schools
    High standards of effort and behaviour can be seen around the school. This is recognised and rewarded epecially in light of hiring furniture. The emphasis is on encouraging self discipline and collective responsibility. Lapses in discipline are dealt with quickly and appropriately. Students and staff are aware of the rules and recognise the fairness of the system.


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