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School governors and parents are united in the belief that the schools should become a focal point for the local community. A building not only to be used and enjoyed by many different groups, but a Centre to represent the people of the whole community. School governors would like to install activities at schools  which will help and support local residents. They are already used by a variety of youth and adult groups.  However, they feel it is high time to ask you, as a resident, what you would like to see the school used for.  They are open to any suggestions and would be happy to discuss any ideas.

The school could be used for activities ranging from health care provision and adult learning, to keep fit, self-defence or even dance and art classes.  They  are especially keen to hear from any playgroups or mother and toddler groups who need somewhere to meet.  Schools are there for you, to help and support your needs. The buildings already have a computer suite with access to the internet and can also offer a soundproof environment for bands and groups to rehearse.

They would like to hear from any local businesses or local resident associations who wish to discuss any issues concerning community development. They are keen to hear from anyone who would be interested in holding regular parent chat meetings, public question times, area community committee meetings, citizen panels, etc.


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